Loyal To Cumbria

How can I show that I am Loyal To Cumbria?

Register online at the Loyal To Cumbria website

    1. Commit to using 118 582

118 LTC is a national directory enquiries service available to anyone in the country. If everyone in the county changed their habit when dialling a 118 number and chose 118 582 (LTC) we could keep around 4 million pounds in Cumbria. All profits from the calls go to Loyal To Communities CIC.

  1. If you are a business you can become a Business Subscriber for a low annual membership fee and you can choose to be featured in all of our newsletters. As a member You can show your support by displaying the Loyal To Cumbria logo on your website, at your premises and in your vehicles. Contact the LTC team directly to Request your full LTC business membership or for more information.

Who Benefits

Local Businesses:

  • Businesses save money by dialling 118 582 (on average at least 60p per call saving)
  • The local business community will collaborate more and choose their local suppliers first
  • Improved opportunties to develop trade and entrepreneurial ventures in our county.


  • 118 582 is a cheaper service than the leading 118 providers
  • Every call made is giving money to back the community
  • Receive exclusive rewards, discounts and offers
  • Create positive opportunities for future generations.

Your community:

  • By choosing your local services and businesses your are supporting growth in your local area
  • Through collaboration key community projects will be identified and supported
  • Loyal To Communities CIC gives money back to our communities and motivates improvements for all of us.
  • LTC CIC’s aims provide a solid base and trusted brand that is not for profit and has been created for the development of your local community.

118 582

118 LTC is cheaper to use than other leading 118 services. This is just one of the reasons 118 582 is already the first choice 118 number for key employers in the county.

Anyone in the UK can use the service and know they are putting something straight back into the Cumbrian economy. We are delighted to be working with BT who will be handling the majority of our call traffic through their directory enquiries call centres in the North of England.

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