Fit For Life

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2012 – it is Olympic year after all.

Ever since childhood, I’ve lived under the impression that Christmas was all about overindulgence.  It meant lots of presents and an equally aberrant amount of eating, drinking and merriment.

It hasn’t lost its magic for me (yet) but now I’m older I am aware of the cost of the week long (at least) spasm of frivolity.

The financial aspect is fixable and I live in hope that I’ll be in a position to be back at square one in order to scrape together sufficient coinage for next Christmas – but I have an ever growing suspicion that the cost to my health might not be so ‘easily’ fixed.

I Can relate To This! Can You?

This Christmas was a celebration (and a confirmation) of a year-long dedication to sloth. When I look back on 2011, from a health perspective, it wasn’t all that brilliant. I became the archetypal couch potato. My longest walk was to the car and I only broke into a sweat if it was raining during those ‘walks’.

My concern was heightened this week when my children began referring to me as [the] Podge Hog. If you forget the obvious lack of respect for a minute and consider the ‘out of the mouths of babes’ …

My self-esteem had been dented, so I looked for support from friends and colleagues – alas there wasn’t any. ! It seems that the Podge Hog mantle is mine and unless I do something about it, here to stay!!!.

MOKY TO THE MAX  – Click for Details

I do not have any intention of running up Scafell before breakfast everyday.

I am not have not been known to over exert myself on any occasion but I have convinced myself that I can lose my errr, podge and return to my enviable former glory ( Ha) in no time at all.

So here I am doing the research to find out what options are available  for both myself and others hoping to get fit for Summer 2012.

I am not rushing into things without sufficient consideration (I like my couch), I’m going to research all the help that is available to me in Cumbria – and I shall share my findings with you. I will be checking out the gyms, various diets, walks and other suitably healthy activities of which we have in a confusing abundance of here in Cumbria.  So no excuses …

I would appreciate any help or comments, this blog is intended to remove the mystery of getting healthier and staying that way

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2012 – it is Olympic year after all.  

Dance Connect

Dance Connect offers professional tuition in Musical Theatre, Jazz, Modern, and Freestyle dance for students of the ages 6 upwards.

Starfruits – the colours of healthy eating

First established over 20 years ago, Starfruits is now the only independent Fruit and Veg shop in the town.

Delivered fresh every day, the shop sells Class 1, quality produce, competitively priced.

You can depend on Starfruits online fresh fruit and vegetables home delivery service!

Cumbria Pole Art

Pole Dance Your Way To Fitness

Siew at the Jesson Clinic

Now the whole team wanted to give this a go!!!  But it’s mine …

Discover the complementary therapies at Jesson Clinic – from Needle- free electro-acupuncture to Remedialmassage……….to ease all sorts of pain and to make you feel better fast..

EFFECTIVE AND AFFORDABLE……Relieves pain, muscle spasm & removes stress without needles.

If nothing else has worked……Why not try a FREE initial consultation.You have nothing to lose by finding out!

Call Siew at the Jesson Clinic.

The sensible way to achieve quality health and lifestyle is by using the various Holistic Approaches available to good health. Treatments are focused on providing a a realistic and personalised service to help you to improve your health…Click Here to Find Out More


MOKYVATION – It’s Addictive!!!!

Fabulous Fun with Classes all over Cumbria.  Fantastic Super Friendly Staff who will have you laughing, singing, shouting, sweating and of course Mokyvated!

What makes this different from most fitness classes is that the Moky Team bring lots of comedy to class, they work hard to make it as much fun as possible because they want YOU to have a good time doing it and they want you to leave feeling great!

Moky is a “feel good” workout, not a dreaded chore – the music is motivating and fun, you will leave happy. It’s a good mental break from our very busy lives – take the time for yourself, you won’t regret it!

I think this is one everybody should try… Click to Find Out Why 


Personal Training in Cumbria

Business Owner,  Diane Singleton has been a fitness instructor for 17 years with many recognised qualifications. Advanced gym instructor, nutritional qualification, ante & post natal, GP Referral, senior exercise, advanced fitness instructor. As well as being a tutor of instructors-tutoring up to level 3 and GP referrals qualifications.

Easy to get along with, Diane makes you feel welcome.  She takes the time to get to know you and she very quickly becomes a family friend. So no need to feel a little awkward, you will soon feel at ease.  They run a startling array of classes  and I defy anyone to not find something they would enjoy doing in the quest to get fit.

Diane will give you motivation, advice and encouragement. She will even help you when you’re not training, giving you expert advice on nutrition and lifestyle changes.

The DS Training Mission

“To offer all customers the most research based, valid and specific exercise programmes that will transform the way they exercise and to support this with outstanding levels of customer support.”  … Click Here For More Information

Arriba Wellness and Weight Loss Coach

As a wellness coach Linda has her fingers in many pies. She organises Community Classes, Wellness Boot Camps and Feel Good Food for Life courses.  She is currently looking to promote Wellness Principles for Doctors in the NHS.

Much of Linda’s business over the past few years has been focused on helping other businesses who work within the fitness/wellbeing arena to understand what people “really” want.  Showing them how they can offer a more complete package that satisfies their client needs without sending them out to “spend” elsewhere…Click For Details